Sunday, June 18, 2023

Past Lives

But the the truth I learned here is, you had to leave because you’re you

And the reason I liked you is because you’re you,

And who you are is someone who leaves

To Arthur, you’re someone who stayed”

"The Na Young you remember doesn’t exist here 

But that little girl did exist, she’s not sitting here in front of you, but it doesn’t mean she’s not real

Twenty years ago, I left her behind with you”

- Past Lives, 2023


I've watched this movie twice in 2 days. I couldn't get it out of my head after the first watch.

I manage to find a CAM cut and updated the quotes above, would like to look at another scene that stood out me.

Directors' choice to focus on wide shots which follows the conversation in Nora & Hae Sung's scenes vs. static shots with the Arthur & Hae Sung.

This film asks: do you have any regrets, and how do you make peace with said regrets.


It's giving me an answer that challenges what I am or what I believe in. I don't think this is losing myself, but a perspective shift that eternity is well... not what it's cracked up to be.

This film reminds me of a more "moving" (in both pun and non-pun) versions of Kogonada's Columbus, and I'm all for it.

Thursday, May 25, 2023


Standing there in the room where the crowd had almost cleared up after an event. 

She recounted the troubles of trying to work through their differences, efforts. What he said, what she said, what he did, what she did, what he didn't do...

At first, she was still smiling, words laced with anger, sarcasms abound.

"I'm done". 

She said that with such confidence you almost believed her.

"So what's the plan then, with the kids?"

The smile faded. Her brows furrowed. She took a deep breath, looked away.

"He wants to fight for custody"

She said as her eyes started to well up.

"This would be my worst nightmare."

Wednesday, March 1, 2023


I finished "Women in Tapei" (台湾女子图鉴) in December. There was a character in the earlier episodes, when the main character first got to Taiwan. She met a young man who is the owner of a beef noodle shop, and they started dating.

She however in the next episode, decided that she didn't want this, as the man was content with being a beef noodle shop owner for the rest of his life. This was therefore her "life" if she chose it.

She left him a note, “你很好,我们不合适,我们要的不一样” (You're great, we're not compatible, we don't want the same thing). After that, she had an internal dialogue “对不起,我想要的更多” (I'm sorry, I want more). More than what he can offer.


Congrats, I saw you got the CPA.

Happy birthday to you.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Summer and Fall

我不是流言 不能猜测你
疯狂的游戏 需要谁准许 
别人怎么说 我都不介意
我爱不爱你 日久见人心
爱久见人心 - 梁静茹 

下雨只不过 有谁为你刚哭过 
孤独只不过 一人走一段缓坡 
成熟只不过 等一切都不假思索 
心偶尔执着 在过于喧嚣的场所
在青春迷失的咖啡馆 - 王心凌

我好吗 有谁能倾听 有谁会同情 
独自等雨过天晴 等不回当时 拥抱的激情 

我很好 说给昨天听 跟今天一言为定 
换一张明天的风景 自己和自己同行

我好吗 - 梁静茹

Summer has come and gone. Fall has almost come and gone.
Wish everyone's operations are successful, focus.

When I'm feeling it, I should translate the above songs.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022


He look relaxed, sitting back in the chair.

"I mean, I went to the doctors and got the diagnosis, it wasn't great."

He pointed to his head area.

"Scheduled for more tests going forward."

He leaned forward... "well I wanted to get an opinion of someone who's on the other side of things..."

"Right, well, I mean, the first thing that you need to deal with... is the parents. And I'm all about problem solving right now"

His face shifted, a nervous twitch flashed briefly.

"My mom knows already, I called her right outside the hospital after the diagnosis..."

His words quickened, he wanted to get the next part out quickly, and almost a whisper...

"in tears... She was worried..."

A lump formed in my throat, I knew I needed to be positive, to look on the more pragmatic, more practical side of things.

"Of course she is, same with me, parents and their children. Ha."


田馥甄 - 妳