Thursday, August 5, 2010


There are times when you want to find peace and quiet but just can't find the place.

Now that I'm here, there isn't anything left for me to sit there and brood over.

I'm left with decisions I've made, decisions I can't change.

"有时候, 有时候, 我会相信一切有尽头, 相聚离开都有时候, 没有什么会永垂不朽."

"走吧, 走吧, 人总要学着自己长大, 走吧, 走吧, 人生难免经历苦痛挣扎."

呵呵, 最后还是回想起老歌...

我在这里 08/05/2010 Lake Louise. 天气晴.