Wednesday, March 1, 2023


I finished "Women in Tapei" (台湾女子图鉴) in December. There was a character in the earlier episodes, when the main character first got to Taiwan. She met a young man who is the owner of a beef noodle shop, and they started dating.

She however in the next episode, decided that she didn't want this, as the man was content with being a beef noodle shop owner for the rest of his life. This was therefore her "life" if she chose it.

She left him a note, “你很好,我们不合适,我们要的不一样” (You're great, we're not compatible, we don't want the same thing). After that, she had an internal dialogue “对不起,我想要的更多” (I'm sorry, I want more). More than what he can offer.


Congrats, I saw you got the CPA.

Happy birthday to you.