Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Everyone has lied in their lives. I would be lying right now if I said that I didn't lie. But if, and only if, that you know in your entire life, that you never lied, I applaud you. It is hard to not lie in this cruel/hostile world.

They say honesty goes a long way in a relationship, be it with your mum or girlfriend or wife. Yet, for me, I find that I lie more towards these people than others. Every time that I feel that I didn't meet their expectations, or I let them down, or I didn't do something I promised. Yet, more often than not it backfires. Ironic, huh,they are the ones you don't want to hurt the most.

No I am not a saint, or even trying to explain why I do it. It isn't right, it always isn't.

I've made up my mind a long time ago not to lie to the people I cared about. Yet, more and more I find myself not caring about things around me. And if you don't care anymore, you won't be upset that you've disappointed someone. Then you won't need to lie.