Monday, October 31, 2011

Sleeping Mix 可以睡着的歌

I've always had a on and off relationship with sleep.

Sometimes it comes easily, sometimes it like that philosophy article that you thought you understand but when the final rolls around you struggle to get it.

These days the problem isn't it, it's me. I'm having trouble finding time to sleep. I mean the daily routines of a internet savvy computer science graduate does take up copious amounts of time, and I'm caught between books, games, videos, programming and internet.

I remember periods in my university days where it was just things that was bothering me, making me unable to sleep. This is where these songs helped me.

I chose a mixture of english and chinese songs, well cause that's what I am, Bilingual. I tried to avoid drums lines or tracks with heavy bass, well, I found them to be the opposite of therapeutic. Tracks with piano lead-ins, and or mixed with acoustic guitar was what I was aiming for.

Maybe I find the female voice to be more soothing, but the mix contains only one and a half (group) male artist (though not one you would expect). Nevertheless, the vocals are what I would call.... drifty, angelic if you will.

Sleeping Mix
1. 牡丹江 - 南拳妈妈
2. Can I Wait - Jason Harwell
3. 宝贝(in the night) - 张悬
4. The Best Day - Taylor Swift
5. Like A Star - Corinne Bailey Rae
6. Singalongsong - 方大同
7. 时间停了 - 赵薇
8. 夏夜晚风 - 伍佰
9. 你在烦恼什么 - 苏打绿
Bonus Track: 10. 暗恋 - 陶喆

I recommend that the volume be turned down when listening. I also like to picture somewhere peaceful and relax my body into it.

Hope you guys like it! Get some sleep while you're at it now.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Random Blurt

1. A person can be motivated, can be pushed. But they cannot be told what they can do and what they cannot do. It is up to the person him/herself to find out.

2. I hate being sick. I should stop eating what my mum feeds me. Splitting headache and grumbling stomach ongoing.

3. A song in your iPod might not mean anything when you added it to the music library, but a few years down the road the song comes on and you feel exactly what the song is singing.

4. Macs are hard to use. I know, I'm typing this on a Mac now.

5. I can't believe how much I changed, even just 2 months ago. I am motivated.

6. To miss someone is _______

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Songs I like that you've never heard of 2.0

Same idea. 1 English, 一首中文

I was flipping through my iPhone for random songs that fit my mood on a particular day. I stumbled onto one song that had been in my music library for the longest time, most likely 10 years ago.

Even If - 2be3
I remember hearing it on MTV that one time and found it to be extremely good.
Be warned though, its a boy band, and yes, its a ballad.
Not a well known boy band outside of... well... France.

I'm going to spare the details of where this boy band ended up. The short story is that not long after the album "Excuse My French" which included this song was released in 2001, they disbanded.

Bummer, I thought they sang very well in English.

Even if the sun refuse to shine
Even if we lived in different times
Even if the ocean left the sea
There’ll be still you and me (you and me x2)

Ever since the start of time
You’ve had my love (ooh yeah)
Even before I knew your name
I knew your heart

But girl in the dark of the darkest night
I can see your face (yeah)
I always knew from the very start
I would find a way

Even if the sun refuse to shine
Even if we lived in different times
Even if the ocean left the sea
There’ll be still you and me (you and me x2)

Even if the world would disappear
Even if the clouds would shed no tears
Even if tonight was just a dream
There will still be you and me (you and me x2)

Yeah yeah yeah

You’ve always been and you always will be
The only one (ooh yeah)
Until forever the only girl(until forever)
I’ll ever know

In the cold of a winter’s chill
I’ll be there to warm your heart
Giving you all of me for all time
No matter what

Two hearts that belong together
From the very start
One love now and forever
Nothing can tear us apart



心中的花园 - 贺军翔
老实说唱的不怎么地. 但歌词不错. 如果找个高人翻唱会更好.




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