Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Something to think about...

在医疗中心的我, 看过许多许多病人的毛病.

轻微的是脚扭伤, 伤风感冒, 肌肉酸痛.
配一点药, 涂一些药膏就好了.

偶尔有个脊椎脱位, 应力性骨折(stress fracture), 肌肉拉伤较严重的.
顶多动个危险性较低的手术就能复原或减轻症兆的, 或者不去做那些刺激那部位的行动就好了.

最后的那么几个... 在做化疗, 或者座着轮椅进来的, 或者本人来不了了.

这些我都ok, 因为我不认识他们. 没有与他们上过班, 吃过饭...

但是这次... 有点太近了.

I feel like JD in that Scrubs episode about Ben.
I hope its wrong, I want it to be wrong.

有时候想想, 会不会太扯了吧.


Song in the video: Guided by Voices - Hold On Hope

Monday, September 12, 2011


I don't understand, is everything so coincidental?

Today would mark 1 year that I'm here. Still have one more year to go.One more year.

Tomorrow, would be a day that, if gone well, would be one of the happiest days in this period.
If not well, that's what I'm preparing for now.

Today is also 中秋. Happy 中秋节! I talked to both of my parents, my grandma was... well, relatively healthy. I wished Chester happy 中秋, since we were on the same side of the globe for once.

Today is ... well, one of the days. It is nagging at me. I can't shake this feeling.
Got better after the walk... but ...