Thursday, January 11, 2024


Sitting there after enjoying bowl of ramen with a beer. They both sat there in front of the noodle bar contented.

"So... show me the photos, where's the bling bling. I know for a fact that there's always an obligatory ring picture."

The engaged one took out the phone and after searching and swiping for a bit, produced a photo of the happy couple...

"Wow the ring looks great, that's a big rock"

The picture was of them happily smiling at the camera, no doubt somewhat staged, with her hands ever so slightly raised and in front, showing off the ring.

"Yeah, remember? I told you my mom gave it to me"

"She said take this... it may not have worked out for your dad and I, but I'm confident this will work out for you"

He couldn't even finish the sentence before the other one started bawling, the not cute or pretty kind of crying. The type that you just can't stop immediately, the happiness kind.

In the restaurant. In front of the noodle kitchen.

He just kept crying... and crying.

"Oh man, that hit hard... I guess, I'm one of the ones that can relate huh"

"I'm really happy for you, congratulations! You finally did it" 

He said... all the while trying to control himself and not make a scene.