Monday, May 23, 2011

Programs Essentials: Connectify

This program has been so helpful to me in this PSN downtime that I thought I should share it with others.

The gist is that this program is able to use the computer's wireless card to act as a wireless access point.

I don't even know how they did it. Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista & 7) currently only allows the creation of "ad hoc" networks, meaning temporary hotspots that only other computers programmed for "ad hoc" capabilities can see these networks and share internet/files via wireless.

This might have been fine and dandy if my PS3 could see this "ad hoc" network, but it can't.

What this program does is to broadcast your current connection from your physical LAN cable via your wireless card, turning your computer into an ACTUAL wireless access point. Amazing.

Go to the website, it explains places where it might be useful. Places like hotels which only provide free internet via a LAN cable, leaving wireless devices lonely.

How does it help me in this PSN crisis?

Well, I finally gotten fed up with Sony Japan for not turning up their servers (side note: why a asian server affect my Canadian PSN account is beyond me, only guess is that they IP lock countries currently assessing it)
I went forward and subscribed to a VPN which offered Canadian servers (OverPlay if you're interested). Unfortunately my router is exactly like the model they offer with Bell in Canada, and there was no way to program the VPN within the router. What I did was download their VPN software which worked to tunnel my traffic on my computer ... But how do I get the PS3 to go through the same thing...

I searched a bit online and found this youtube video:

I figured if the program can broadcast 3G internet to the PS3 via the computer, it should tunnel the VPN traffic as well. I was not disappointed.

Oh also, its also free.