Monday, May 31, 2021


He set a direction in this GPS for home.

Wait, is there still light out? He looked at his watch, 8:30, there's still time perhaps.

Updating his destination, he started driving.


It was already very dark when he got there, almost.

He walked up the hill, he didn't expect there to be the overgrown trees, though to be fair the last time he was here was in winter.

At the spot where he took the last picture, this time there's more people, with drinks and music.

He misses the peace and quiet, but definitely not the cold.

Still, he found a spot and sat down. 

He had missed it. Though the city lights are starting to make up for it, a different scene than what he expected to see.


Walking back down the hill, some mini fireworks started from up top. Seems like the people are compensating for the lack of real fireworks. The sound reflects from across the valley, seemingly doubling the amount that's actually there.

Heh. So many things running through his head.