Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I don't have artistic talent

I realize that I have become fascinated with photography. Actually more specifically, I like to look at photographed scenery, or sunsets, or just beautiful natural things. Not that I come across them often (its only Waterloo), its just the feeling that I get, some sort of peacefulness to it.

I know that I don't photograph things really well (plus I don't have a great camera... thats right, I'm blaming it on the camera) So what I love to do is to stand in the middle of a long stretch of road, like those neverending paths. The one that leads to Parkside from the university comes to mind, mainly because I walk across that everyday. Sometimes in these paths, you have puddles of water, obstacles. Sometimes you have people that walk towards you, people who pass you by. Some running, some walking. Some chitchatting about life. When you stand there, you can look behind to the paths that you've walked, and look in front to the path that you're about to walk.

Some roads, you can see an end, some you can't. They're cut off in the distance. You know that you'll eventually find out whats beyond when you get there.

Guess thats the way life is, a long road.