Monday, May 25, 2009


Hope... is a funny thing.

It drives us to do things we never thought we do. But it also sometimes gives us a false sense of security, something to look forward to the next day. Something that shouldn't be there, something that you just dreamt up.

I've tried to look at hope not the way everybody looks at it. Not that I can't, I've made a concise decision not to. Is hope really good? What does hope entail?

Maybe thats why the words "false hope" come up so much. Fake hope?

In Chinese its easier to separate, the difference between 妄想 and 希望 is essentially hope and ... well false hope.

现在的我都是一直目不转睛的盯着每个礼拜定时在youtube里上传的part 1 - 7.

在偶像剧的世界里, 一切的一切, 好容易理解啊.
男主角到最后的最后, 不管经过多少风风雨雨, 还是会和女主角在一起的.

斗牛, 应该在第八集就结束了.
败犬, 应该在第十五集就结束了.


就算如此, 但是我为什么还每个礼拜要定期收看呢?
我自己觉得, 人是脆弱的. 应该希望会有这些事情... 会发生在自己身上.
能让自己解脱所有的所有, 让自己顿时忘记自己, 完全的陷入别人的生活.

eh? 但是主角里面想不通的问题, 现实身活里怎么都有所谓的答案呢?

Living vicariously through other people's lives, that's something I've only gotten a firm definition just a few weeks ago from a very good friend. You wish other people well, because in the end, you wish someone would live a better life than yourself, and then you can channel their feelings into yourself. That feels good, doesn't it?

Hope... is a funny thing.

Stay happy.


Song: Hold on Hope - Guided By Voices

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