Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Timezone 2

I woke with sleepy eyes.

It was 4:30. Not a normal time to wake up by any imagination.

I made my way through the train cars, people were still asleep, wrapping up their dreams. I crept pass them carefully. No way I was waking them up and let them realize what I was going to do.

It is dark when I got to the dome car. Storm clouds was looming over. I could see a little glimmer of red at the horizon, thankfully I was not late.

I was worried though, lightning was flashing quickly in the clouds... and then it began to rain.

Ugh, I woke up for nothing.

As quickly as the rain started it stopped. The clouds were moving faster than I thought.

That red turned into bright orange, bright yellow, the clouds were colored gold. As the sun rose on my right, I looked to my left, where darkness was beginning to fade. By now, the clouds was ruining someone else's morning

I could see water towers, houses, gas stations. We should be nearing Edmonton by now.

I yawned, 5:30 was the time. I couldn't take it anymore, as I made my way back, the sun had woken up some people, most of them elderly.

Muhaha, I thought to myself with an evil laugh, and went straight back to sleep.

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