Saturday, February 20, 2021


"But I met someone. And she's helped. And now I want to stay clean. And shit! Maybe that's... Maybe that's me being selfish. And Ali just scared the shit out of me because he told me that it wasn't gonna last. And, fuck, you know what? Maybe you're right. But I really, really, really, hope you're wrong."

- Rue (Euphoria / '03 Bonnie and Clyde)


"Everything that's good to you ain't always good for you."

- Miss Marsha (Euphoria / Trouble Don't Last Always)


"I can survive just fine without you, you know. But...  there’s a chance that life can be a little less mundane with you in it."


"OK, come on. Let's see if we blow up and die."

- Sarah (Palm Springs)


"Closure is really for you you know. There isn't anything on the line for the other person."

- Some jackass I know

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