Friday, July 26, 2019


He has been with her for a long time.
He wonders if they were meant to continue.

He came from the East, and her from the West.
One grew up with cha-siu, the other pasta all the way.

They both made compromises to stay with each other.

Is it just convenience that they are together?

In passing amidst the conversation, he said: "I really like her".

"Don't you mean love?"

He stopped talking, looked directly at me, realizing what he just said.
Might have stopped breathing too.

Maybe it is pride, or insecurities, not being able to say the L word out loud.
Keeping the emotions in, keeping it in check.

He did not respond directly.

"I think you do. I got a good feeling about you two."

He exhales, and nods.


Shuffle has a way of finding songs from my library that I forgot. Today is one of those days, it played multiple songs from a while back that I added, thought they were great, but never really thought about it.

It has been a busy, tiring and frustrating week.

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