Sunday, July 28, 2019


He has never been good at cooking.

Learnt a new recipe, he decided to try to make it again himself.

He bought mascarpone, he bought eggs, he got the kahlua, he has the savoiardi.

What the fudge is mascarpone, he thought to himself. Well he bought it.

Taking out the hand blender from behind the cupboard, to be honest he has not used it ever before. Though, he sure as shit am not going to beat the eggs by hand.

Combining ingredients, he carefully layers on all of the items.

The one thing he did not take into account. The eggs were almost expired.

Oh no, he messed up. He messed up big time.

He found another recipe sometime later.
It was different enough to give him hope. The best part of it all, no eggs.

He thought he did a good job. He was still afraid though.
That kind of reputation hit, not sure it can be rebuilt. He offered, but to no avail.

Recounting now, he smiles to himself, what a klutz.

Haha. Let's stick to professionally prepared foods from now on.

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