Tuesday, August 27, 2019


Sitting in front of a busy street, he recounted his various troubles.

He felt that maybe she just didn't get him. His work was a lot more demanding. And she, well she was not contributing at all, other than parenting.

He sat there, talking about it like a matter of fact. His emotion does not show, or at least not on his face.

It seems then, he has thought of everything.
He looks like he has thought a lot of this through, including the worst case scenario. Well, in my opinion worst case scenario, I'm not sure if he sees it that way.

"I just want you to know that you need to know exactly what you're getting yourself into."

He looks at me.

"There will come a time somewhere down the road where you will look back at this and go... Did I try everything? Did I make a mistake?"

"And when you haven't tried everything that you could. That's when the regrets come. But at that time, it will be too late."

"I just want you to be able to convince yourself... when the time comes."

He nods.

"Not if, when."

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