Sunday, August 4, 2019


He wanted to sing his heart out.

He went with his closest friends, he did not want a big crowd. In that case, well, people would be fighting for the mic wouldn't it.

He's got his song list, his list of emotions that he wanted to get out. I guess he could have done it at home. You could argue that it is not the same is it. The acoustics are amazing, the microphone is good, it's happy hour. What else could you ask for really.

Song selection is average, but most of the songs are there.

Between his songs, his friends would get in a song of their own.

In their words: "one English and then one Chinese". They didn't really keep to that, but you know, who's counting.

The third song...

He couldn't get to the second verse.

The lines were rolling on screen. He turned the singer back on, trying to maintain some sense of continuity.

He tried again, and tried again.

He failed. He just let the song play out. It's a good song too. Classic.

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